Virto Bulk Files Operations ToolKit for SP2010


Use Virto Bulk Operations Toolkit for easy work with SharePoint multiple files. You don't need to make all the available actions with every file one by one. Just check required files and edit, copy, move, download, upload, check in or unzip them instantly. Eight Virto components are combined in a single bundle at the very attractive price!


Working with multiple files on your SharePoint site can be quick and easy. Just download and use Virto Bulk Operations Toolkit and enjoy eight ready-to-use web parts for bulk operations. 

1. Virto Bulk File Copy and Move

Virto Bulk File Copy and Move allows SharePoint users to copy or move all necessary files from the document library to a certain place. The component can be used both as a web part and as a special feature in the library settings.

2. Virto Bulk File Edit

Virto Bulk File Edit is intended to edit multiple data all at once. You need just to open a SharePoint list or Document Library with any type of data, select the fields that are to be edited, proceed to the edit mode and update the selected items all at once. 

3. Virto Bulk File Delete    

Virto Bulk File Delete component allows deleting multiple files from SharePOint libraries.  Can be used either as a web part or as a feature in the library settings.

4. Virto Bulk File Download

Virto Bulk File Download is intended for quick downloading files from SharePoint Library into single .zip archive and store it at a local disk. 

5. Virto Bulk File Upload

Virto Bulk File Upload allows easy uploading multiple files and attachments to SharePoint site by drag & drop. The component is Silverlight-based. 

Virto Bulk File Unzip Utility

Virto Bulk File Unzip Utility is intended for quiack unpacking archives and saving extracted files to the document library. 

7. Virto Bulk Files Check In

Virto Bulk Files Check In allows SharePoint users to check in at one time a large group of previously uploaded and currently checked-out documents, and then approve them (in cases when approval is required by the settings). 

8. Virto HTML5 Bulk Files Upload (N/A for SP2007, 2010)

Virto HTML5 Bulk Files Upload is an Html 5-based Virto component intended for quick & easy uploading multiple files to SharePoint. With help of this web part SharePOint users can easily drag and drop bulk files to a SharePoint document library without adding files one by one.


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