Logo[+]Creator – Instant Download. Standard License.



Create the best and the most suitable logos for
companies, businesses, startups and entrepreneurs.

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Create Professional Logos with Logo[+]Creator

Create professional logos from modularly designed digital graphic items.
Everything is built to work simply and to fit any creative design project.

Let’s get to work!
Buy Now and Start Creating!

Logo[+]Creator. Create logos for startups, entrepreneurs, companies and businesses.
Logo[+]Creator. Create logos and brand.

Create authentic, memorable and inspiring brands

Open the editable files provided with Logo[+]Creator design package. There are thousands of digital graphic items, and more than a hundred of ready made logos, created, designed and edited in an authentic, memorable style that fits all business types.

Logos made with Logo[+]Creator Vol.1 . Create your own logo with Logo[+]Creator.
Logos made with Logo[+]Creator Vol.2 . Create your own logo with Logo[+]Creator.

Create logos and new brands within seconds.

Select a shape or a design element or combine/divide any number of shapes that fit the business category for which you build the logo. Logo[+]Creator.EDIT

Logo[+]Creator. How it works. Combine. Divide. Add. Separate.

Logo[+]Creator. How it works. Work with Fonts and Colors.

Choose the font and color.

Write the logo name selecting a proper font. Choose the colors.

Fonts are available for free and can be used for personal or commercial design projects.
Colors RGB/Screen ( Web, Video, TV Media, Digital Medium )
Colors CMYK/Print ( Papers, Magazine, Architecture, Blueprints )

Create the logo.

Place together, the created logo ( Emblem aka Symbol aka Trademark ) in chosen colors, with the logo name ( Logotype aka Word Mark ) and the slogan ( Slogan aka Tagline aka Motto ).

Logo[+]Creator. How it works. Create The Logo Design.

Logo[+]Creator. How it works. Mix and match in any number of shapes or combinations.

Awesome logos. Just Mix and Match.

Modularly designed graphical elements can be combined, mixed and matched in any number of shapes or combinations.

Inspiring brands. Limitless designs.

The possibilities to create new logo designs are limitless and beautifully related to your imagination.


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