WPS Office 2019 Business


WPS Office is a leading office suite, composed of Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation, brings users the ability to create, edit and share office documents that are highly compatible with MSO files.

By adopting brilliant features such as add rows and columns with one click, edit paragraphs by dragging and dropping, VBA/Macros, interfaces switch, File Roaming, built-in spell check, PDF converter, and tabbed interface. Powerful as it is, WPS Office 2019 Business does not have a large installation package. With a package of mere 75.4MB, it allows you to download and install at a lightning speed.


Free WPS Cloud Storage

You will get 1G Free WPS Cloud storage with WPS Office Premium. With just one click, you are able to store documents composed on a device to the WPS Cloud allowing for secure, encrypted backup. IT allows you to continue working on a document from any connected device or to share them with colleagues.

Convert Office documents to PDF format

Thanks to the integrated "PDF converter" function, WPS OFFICE makes it easy to transform your Office documents into PDF format. You can then convert Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into PDF documents.

Multiple cards to better manage files

To avoid file management problems when opening multiple documents at the same time, WPS Office has introduced the management of multiple cards. In each tab you can open and edit a document. Switching from one card to another will allow you to work on multiple documents at the same time, in an effective and orderly manner.

Office document protection

The protection function present in WPS Office allows to add the encryption option on the document. With this protection it is possible to prevent the document from being opened, read or modified by other people. There are different types of protection such as password protection, which allows files to be opened and edited only after entering the correct password.

If you need application with faster loading, you can replace office application in your computer with WPS Office 2019. The software also available for mobile platform.


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