Knowledge NoteBook for Windows


"Knowledge NoteBook is the ultimate toolkit for students."   — James Geary, Stanford University Student

Google ranks it #1 for "student study software".  It increases a student's grades and saves time because of its automatic organization of notes and facilitation of compreension.

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Knowledge NoteBook is an easy-to-use system that will dramatically improve every student's note taking, organization, study skills, comprehension and improve student success!

Functionality include but not limited to the following:
Measure your learning
  Provides immediate feedback about your learning (what you've got and you've missed)

Automatic Information Organization
  All your notes in one place, convenience + time saving
  Helps to test your learning
Concept Mapping
  Visual learning
Notes Association
  Connect one idea with another
  Helps to look up unfamiliar term on demand
  You can share your notes with others



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