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“Publish 250”: covers use of dtSearch Publish to create up to 250 “search-only” (without end-user indexing) portable media of identical content, distributable to up to 250 total users. All portable media copies must contain the same identical content under this option. The “search-only” portable media may run in an individual-usage capacity only, and not from a shared-access server such as IIS. This license includes a single user license of dtSearch Desktop for index building; additional dtSearch Desktop/Network are subject to separate licensing. See dtSearch License Agreement for additional license details.


Instantly Search Terabytes

Includes dtSearch’s own document filters

Supports a wide variety of data types

• PDF: PDF through PDF 2.0; PDF Portfolio

• MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote files, including files saved from Office 365

• Other “office”: OpenOffice; certain international office formats; XBASE, CSV, RTF, SPL, etc.

• Compression formats: RAR, ZIP, GZIP and TAR

• Emails: Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. with multilevel nested attachments

• Web data: HTML, XML/XSL, PDF, ASP.NET, CMS, PHP, WordPress, SharePoint, etc.

• Through APIs: NoSQL / SQL data including BLOB data, other non-file data like network data streams (non-programmers, see add-on product for SQL, including on Azure and AWS)

• Also through APIs: Azure-specific data stores and AWS-specific data stores

Over 25 full-text and metadata search features

• Efficient multithreaded searching with no limit on the number of concurrent search threads

• Federated searching with integrated relevancy-ranking across multiple data types

• Easy multicolor hit-highlighting (where document filters convert to HTML for display)

• Forensics-oriented search options (hash support, credit cards, etc.)

• Extensive international language support

• Faceted search or “drill down” category searching (through APIs)

• Granular search results filtering with multiple classification options (through APIs)

Developers: add instant search and data support

• Cross-platform APIs for C++, Java and .NET with .NET Standard / .NET Core; ASP.NET Core faceted search live demo plus tutorial

• SDKs for Windows, Linux, macOS

• The dtSearch Engine also works on cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.

• Document filters “only” licenses available

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991


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